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We help business owners grow their businesses, and make more profit.

The services we offer to accomplish this normally fall under the following categories:

1. Designing and implementing a comprehensive marketing system for your business.

2. Marketing consulting and training for you and your in-house team.

"We'll help you catch more fish. And by fish, I mean customers and clients." -Seth Holdren, President

“We’ll help you catch more fish. And by fish, I mean customers and clients.” -Seth Holdren, President

3. Online and offline marketing services such as website conversion overhauls, business video creation and promotion, advertising and printing services, and customized online marketing blueprint strategy so you know exactly what to focus on–and what you can ignore–in your marketing efforts company-wide.

If you have intentions to grow your business and make more profit, the first step to finding whether this would be a good fit is as follows:

First, you need to determine where you stand, and get a full marketing analysis done on your company. This comes in the form of scheduling a free strategy session with us. You can do that by calling (406) 493-0805.

Second, after asking you questions about your company, and answering any questions you may have, we would then give you our best recommendations for how you should proceed, including the 3 top missed opportunities you should take advantage of to make increases quickly (aka the “low-hanging fruit” you can pick.)

Third, we would give you options for how to proceed on your own (for free), and also at your request give you options for proceeding if you would like to work with us directly on setting up a comprehensive marketing campaign for you.

It all starts with a free strategy session. Just call (406) 493-0805 to schedule an appointment with us.